Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Heute

Room F-101
Kaiserstraße 2, 24143 Kiel, Germany
Phone: +49 431 880-6147 
Telefax: +49 431 880-6128
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short CV

1993 - 2010   Head of the Institute for Circuit and System Theory (LNS), Faculty of Engineering (tf), Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
1987 - 1993   Prof. / Head of Working Group for Digital Signal Processing (AG DSV), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ruhr-University, Bochum
1983 - 1987   Senior Engineer / Head of Speech Processing Group at Inst. for Telecommunications (LNT) / TF / Univ. Erlangen
1982   Habilitation on "DFT / FFT Error Analysis"
1975   Dissertation on "Realization Aspects of Nonrecursive Digital Filters" with Prof. H. W. Schuessler
1970 - 1982   Teaching Assistent at LNT / TF / Univ. Erlangen 
1968 - 1970   Thesis works with Profs. Kohn (1968), Lotze / Kuehn (1969), Bader / Lueder (1970), Stuttgart
1965 - 1970   Student of EE / "Theory of Telecommunications" at Univ. Stuttgart
1964 - 1965   Army Service
1951 - 1964   School at Hannover and Stuttgart
1944   Born at Magdeburg  

Activities (Work)

  • Digital Filters - from Theory via Design to Implementations
  • Spectral Analysis - Parametric and Non-parametric via Filter Banks
  • Speech Processing - Analysis, Modelling, Coding, Noise Reduction, Quality Measurement
  • Bio-Medical Signal Processing - ECG, EEG, MEG
  • General DSP - Audio, Radar, Sonar, Animal Sounds etc.

Activities (Load)

  • Head of Exam' Office / EE / RUB / Bochum from 1990 until 1992
  • Head of Exam Office / TF / CAU / Kiel from 1994 until 1998
  • "Dekan"(Dean) of TF / CAU / Kiel from 1998 until 2000
  • "Prodekan" of TF / CAU / Kiel from 1996 until 1998 and from 2000 until 2002
  • AdCom Member of EURASIP (European Association for Signal Processing) from 1984 until 2000
  • Secretary-Treasurer of EURASIP from 09 / 88 until 09 / 94
  • President of EURASIP from 09 / 94 until 09 /98
  • Advisory-Commitee Member of EURASIP since 2000
  • Member of Organizing Committee for EUSIPCO ` 83 at Erlangen
  • Chairman of 1-st EURASIP Workshop on Medium-Rate Speech Coding, Hersbruck, 1985
  • Organizer of ITG Workshop on DSP Algorithms, Hersbruck, 1987
  • Chairman of EURASIP Workshop on Speech & Channel Coding, Hersbruck, 1989
  • Co-Organizer of EURASIP / ITG / DEGA Workshop on Speech-Quality Assessment, Bochum, 1994
  • Co-Organizer of EURASIP / ITG Workshop on Speech, Audio, and Image Quality, Darmstadt, 1996
  • Co-Organizer of DAGA '97, Kiel, 1997
  • Member of ITG Speech-Processing Committee
  • Organizer of ITG-Fachtagung Sprachkommunikation '06, Kiel 2006


  • Burocracy
  • Possessive Thinking


  • Work with Students
  • International Cooperation!
  • Friends!!
  • Family with 2 Children!!!


  • No Time Left!

Selected Publications - Articles

  • Hardware Considerations for Digital FIR Filters Especially with Regard to Linear Phase, Sel. Papers Dig.Sig.Proc., IEEE Press, New York 1976, pp. 536-540.
  • FFT Processor for Real-Time Applications within the Audio-Frequency Range. Frequenz, vol. 33 (1979), pp. 310-316.
  • A Short-Time Spectrum Analyser with Polyphase Network and DFT (with P. Vary). Signal Processing, vol. 3 (1980), pp. 55-65 (part I) and vol. 4 (1981), pp.307-319 (part II).
  • Results of a Deterministic Analysis of FFT Coefficient Errors. Signal Processing, vol. 4 (1981), pp. 321-331.
  • Improving A/D Conversion by digital Signal Processing - Novel Solutions for Known Problems, and New Problems. Frequenz, vol. 42 (1988), pp. 93-101.
  • Medium-Rate Speech Coding - Trial of a Review. Speech. Comm., vol 7 (1988), pp. 125-149.
  • Subband DFT (with S.Mitra, O. Shentov, A.N. Hossen). Signal Processing, vol. 41 (1995), pp. 261-277 (part I) and vol. 41 (1995), pp. 279-294 (part II).
  • Structural Subband Decomposition of Sequences and its Applications in Signal Processing (with S. Mitra). IEE Proc. Vis. Image Process., vol.146 (1999), pp. 109-123.
  • Spectral-Substraction Speech Enhancement in Multirate Systems with and without Non-uniform and Adaptive Bandwidths (with T. Gülzow and T. Ludwig). Signal Processing, vol. 83 (2003), pp. 1613-1631.
  • Parametric Modelling of Decomposed Subbands: Resolution Improvement and Applications for Narrow-Band Signals (with A. N. Hossen). Signal Processing Vol. 84 (2004), pp. 2195-2206.
  • DSP Approaches towards Instrumental Measurement of Communication-System Quality. Proceed. ICCCP'07, Muscat, Oman, 2007.
  • Aspects of Speech-Quality Assessment (with H. W. Gierlich, S. Möller). Proc. ITG Conf. Speech Communication, Aachen, 2008.
  • A New Approach for Parameterizing the ECG for Sleep-Stage Classification (with H. Özer). Proc. IFMBE 25 \ IV, pp. 1044-1047, München, 2009.
  • Muscle-Artifact Suppression Using Independent-Component Analysis and State-Space Modeling (with A. Santillán-Guzmán, A. Galka). Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. EMBS (EMBC'12), San Diego, pp. 6500-6503.
  • Identification of Sleep Stages from Heart-Rate Variability Using a Soft-Decision Wavelet-Based Technique (with A. N. Hossen, H. Özer). Dig. Sig. Process. (Elsevier) vol. 23 (2013), pp. 218-229.
  • Removing "Cleaned" Eye-Blinking Artifacts from EEG Measurements. Proc. Int. Conf. Sig. Process. Integr. Networks (SPIN'14), Delhi-Noida, pp. 576-580.
  • Quality Prediction of Synthesized Speech Based on Perceptual Quality Dimensions (with C. R. Norrenbrock, F. Hinterleitner, S. Möller). Speech Comm. (Elsevier) vol. 66 (2015), pp. 17-35.

Selected Publications - Books and Book Chapters

  • Digitale Sprachsignalverarbeitung (in German), with P. Vary, W. Hess. Teubner, Stuttgart, 1998.
  • Speech and Audio Coding - Aiming at High Quality and Low Data Rates, in: J. Blauert (Ed.): Communication Acoustics, pp. 339-366, Springer, Berlin, New York, 2005.
  • Noise Reduction, in: E. Hänsler, G. Schmidt (Eds.):Topics in Acoustic Echo and Noise Control, pp. 325-384, Springer, Berlin, New York, 2006.
  • A New Testbed for Semi-Automatic Usability Evaluation and Optimization of Spoken-Dialogue Systems , in: Hempel, T. (Ed.):Usability of Speech Dialog Systems, pp. 81-103, Springer, Berlin, 2008.
  • Telephone-Speech Quality, in: E. Hänsler, G. Schmidt (Eds.): Topics in Speech and Audio Signal Processing in Adverse Environments, pp. -, Springer, Berlin, New York, 2008.
  • Speech-Transmission Quality: Aspects and Assessment of Wideband vs. Narrowband Signals, in: R. Martin, U. Heute, C. Antweiler (Eds.): Advances in Digital Speech Transmission, pp. -, Wiley, New York, 2008.
  • Efficient Speech Coding and Transmission over Noisy Channels, in: Havelock, D., Kuwano, S., Vorländer, M. (Eds.): Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics, pp. 853-882, Springer, New York 2009.

Website News

07.07.2018: New lecture Fundamentals of Acoustics by Jan Abshagen added.

03.03.2018: Team wall added.

28.02.2018: News wall added.

20.01.2017: Talk from Dr. Sander-Thömmes added.

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Recent Publications

T. O. Wisch, T. Kaak, A. Namenas, G. Schmidt: Spracherkennung in stark gestörten Unterwasserumgebungen, Proc. DAGA, Germany, 2018

S. Graf, T. Herbig, M. Buck, G. Schmidt: Low-Complexity Pitch Estimation Based on Phase Differences Between Low-Resolution Spectra, Proc. Interspeech, pp. 2316 -2320, 2017


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmidt


Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Faculty of Engineering
Institute for Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering
Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Kaiserstr. 2
24143 Kiel, Germany

Recent News

New Lecture - Fundamentals of Acoustics

Starting this winter term the DSS group offers a new lecture entiteled "Fundamentals of Acoustcs". The lecture is given by Dr. Jan Abshagen (see picture). It will be a 3+1 lecture which takes place once a week. The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • fundamentals of vibrations,
  • theory of sound fields,
  • sound and systems,
  • transducers,
  • sound-structure interaction,
  • ship acoustics,
  • ...

Read more ...
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