Microphone Position Optimization


The aim of this student project is to evaluate and optimize the positions of microphones inside of a car to accomplish the best quality of in-car communication (ICC) systems. First a Matlab function that uses the Normalized-Least-Mean-Square (NLMS) algorithm was designed to realize an adaptive filter. Later on impulse responses were measured by applying the adaptive filter. These impulse responses represent the interior of the car. We excite the system with white noise and measure the reflected echoes with the microphones.

Afterwards it was time to get into the car: microphones were placed in different positions in the car. The speakers emit white noise and the microphones record the incoming signal. The given interior of the car results in different delays and different dampings because of many ways of reflection. For each position the measurement procedure was repeated to see time-variations that might result from temperature changes and other influences.

Participating Students

  • Leon Neidhardt
  • Dennis Zdetski


  • Marco Gimm
  • Tobias Hübschen
  • Gerhard Schmidt

Student Projects - Overview

The DSS team offers student projects. With these projects we try to support the idea of project-based learning. This means that most of our projects are designed such, that a multitude of studends can work on that project. Beside solving the individual task, studends should also learn how to split the problem into smaller subproblems and to organize the resulting subprojects. Software packages such as SVN, etc. should support this idea.

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