Augmented Reality for Parkinson Speech Therapy


In this project, we – a group of five electrical engineering students – aim to develop an android app for usage in speech therapy for patients of Parkinson disease. Additional to the well-known tremor, many patients suffer from impaired speech, as they tend to speak too loud or not loud enough and often begin slurring their words. In our case, we want to implement an app for AR-glasses to support speech therapy at home with accessible and instant feedback. The wearable application leads to a predictable microphone reaction, as the distance between the users mouth and the mic is almost the same and nearly independent of the users behaviour. We want to use this advantage to process the audio information during speech therapy exercises and display the recorded level in a way to give the patient feedback on whether or not their speech is loud enough. Further development following our project might include formant recognition, other ways to determine in which way the patients' speech can be improved and help to do so.

Participating Students

  • Moritz Boueke
  • Jan-Niklas Busse
  • Jakob Jacobsen
  • Tim Johannisson
  • Yannik Lundt


  • Finn Spitz
  • Gerhard Schmidt

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Recently, we get the new projector front-ends from Atlas Elektronik for our MIMO SONAR system. This was part of the "Großgerät" which was obtained with the help of the German research foundation (DFG). Now we are able to perform underwater experiments that will show if our ideas and corresponding realt-time algorithms also works in real environments.

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