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Lecture "Signals and Systems II"


Basic Information

Lecture overview  
  Lecturers:   Gerhard Schmidt (lecture), Marco Gimm/Christin Bald (exercise)  
  Room:   KS2/C-SR I  
  Language:   German  
  Target group:   Students in electrical engineering and computer engineering  
  Prerequisites:   Signal and Systems, Part 1      

This course teaches basics in systems theory for electrical engineering and information technology. This basic course is restricted to continuous and deterministic signals and systems.

Topic overview:

  • Modulation
  • State-space description
  • Stochastic signals and corresponding spectra
  • Linear systems and stochastic signals
  • Ideal systems
  • Add-ons (transforms)
  References:   E. Hänsler: Statistische Signale, 3.Auflage, Springer, 2001
H. D. Lüke: Signalübertragung, Springer, 1995
H. W. Schüßler: Netzwerke, Signale und Systeme II: Theorie kontinuierlicher und diskreter Signale und Systeme, Springer, 1991



The exam procedure for Signals and Systems II has been adapted slightly. The notes on the exam execution and rules will be shortened. Instead of reading out the whole exam problems there will be 10 minutes of additional reading time. Please note that during this reading time no writing will be allowed.

Exam Results and Exam Inspection:

The results of the winter semester's exam of 04.03.2020 are now online in the QIS-system.

The exam inspection will be on 24.06.2020. You will receive an email regarding timing and procedure soon. Pre-registration will be required for everyone wishing to inspect their exam.

Please note that any information regarding your exam, including achieved points and "how close" you are to passing, can only be given out during an official exam inspection. Your grades will always be available through the QIS-system as soon as possible.


Lecture Slides

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    Slides of the lecture "Modulation"
(Linear and nonlinear modulation, digitalization)
    Slides of the lecture "State-space description"
(State-space representation of linear, time-invariant systems)
    Slides of the lecture "Stochastic signals and corresponding spectra"
(Random processes, power spectral densities)
    Slides of the lecture "Stochastic signals and linear time-invariant systems"
(Random processes, power spectral densities)
    Slides of the lecture "Ideal systems"
(Lowpass filter, magnitude and phase distortions)
    Slides of the lecture "Extensions on transformations"
(Spectra of sampled continuous and discrete signals, convergence conditions and inverse transformations)



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Matlab demos


Current Exam

Date:  04.03.2020
Time: 09:00 h - 10:30 h
Room: OHP5 -  Chemie I + II


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