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Lecture "Design Space Exploration for Unmanned Systems"


Basic Information

Lecture overview  
  Lecturers:   Frank Ehlers (lecture and exercise)  
  Room:   Unknown yet (see Univis for details)  
  Language:   English  
  Term:   Winter term  
  Target group:   Students in electrical engineering and computer engineering  
  Prerequisites:   Interest in statistical signal processing and robotics  

Students attending this lecture learn how to apply a model-based approach to find and describe the origins of uncertainty when designing unmanned systems. Major elements of the model-based approach are the interfaces between system modules dealing with uncertainty in measurements, decision making, planning, and control. Associated to these interfaces is a mathematical framework which the students learn to detail for given real-world applications.


Topic overview:

  • System-of-Systems Design, Verification & Validation
  • Unified Architecture Framework (UAF), Ontology, SysML
  • Causal and Acausal Descriptions
  • Uncertainty Propagation
  • Bayesian Inference & Bayesian Decision Making
  • Data Fusion & Tracking
  • Control, Planning, and Learning
  • J. Holt and S. Perry: SysML for System Engineering, IET Books, 2020
  • W. Koch: Tracking and Sensor Data Fusion, Springer, 2014
  • D. Koller and N. Friedman: Probabilistic Graphical Models, MIT Press, 2010


Registration for the Lecture

The lecture will be presented online. To get the access codes as well as additional lecture material, please send an e-mail to Dr. Frank Ehlers with your name, matriculation number and e-mail address over which you will get the lecture material.





Below is the list of students with their exam dates. If you do not have a date for the exam yet please register in the online booking system. You can find the booking system here.

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