Lab "System Theory"

Basic Information

Lecturers:   Gerhard Schmidt, Christin Bald, Finn Spitz, Owe Wisch and Eric Elzenheimer
Room:   PC Lab, Building B
Language:   German
Target group:   Students in electrical engineering and computer engineering
Prerequisites:   Signals and systems I,II
Registration procedure:  

If you want to sign up for this laboratory, please send an e- mail including the following information

  • surname, first name,
  • e-mail address,
  • matriculation number,
  • course of studies (e.g. Wi-Ing),
  • desired week day for the lab (Wednesday or Thursday), and
  • desired group partners
to the E-Mail adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note, that the registration period starts the 28.03.2018 at 8:00 am and ends the 03.04.2018 at 12:00 am. All applications before and after this registration period, will not be taken into account. Wishes concerning the weekday and the group partners of the lab will be accepted and tried to be considered, but can not be guaranteed.   

The announcement of the students successfully registered to the lab, will be until the 06.04.2018 6:00 pm or earlier, if the course is already occupied. A list of all registered students, the group assignment and the day of their lab will be announced here in the section Details.

The first experiment takes place on the 11.04.2018 and the 12.04.2018 in the PC Lab of Building B. The corresponding documents will be distributed at the beginning of this first experiment since there is no preliminary work required. The schedule of all experiments and the group assignment can be found in the list below.

  • On Wednesdays: 14:00 - 18:00 h
  • On Thursday: 14:00 - 18:00 h

Note: The content of the lab will be revised this semester step by step. Therefore some lab content could be possibly changed.

The contents of the lab is the following:

  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Time-continuous periodic and non-periodic signals
    • Continuous Fourier transform and Fourier series
    • Spectrum of selected signals
    • Band-limited step function
    • Gibb's phenomenon
  • Time-discrete periodic and non-periodic signals
    • Spectrum of time-discrete signals
    • Sampling and reconstruction of signals
    • Sampling theorem
  • Discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
    • Time-limited and band-limited signals
    • Non-limited signals
    • Aliasing
    • DFT and periodic signals
    • Leakage effect
    • Windowing
  • Linear, time invariant systems
    • Pole-zero plot
    • Impulse response
    • Time-domain behaviour
    • Linear phase
    • Minimum phase
    • All-pass filter
  • Time-discrete simulation of time-continuous systems
    • Excitation-invariant transforms
    • Bilinear transform
    • Spectral overlaps
    • Reactions to broadband and narrowband signals
  • Stochastic signals
    • Probability density function
    • Stationary and ergodic stochastic processes
    • Autocorrelation
    • Power density spectrum
  • Influence of a linear system on a stochastic process
    • Influence on mean, variance, autocorrelation, and power density spectra of stochastic processes
    • Identification of systems with random signals
  • An Introduction to the Kalman Filter
    • System modelling
    • Optimal noise parameters
    • Process noise and the insufficiency of the model
    • Nonlinear effects



The final group assignment can be found below.

Please note that not every day/group wish could be considered for the assignment!

Students (matriculation numbers) Group Day
1016806, 1030575, 1023689 1 Wednesday
1021389, 1016315 2 Wednesday
1015223, 1036575 3 Wednesday
1016681, 1016729, 1036874 4 Wednesday
1036586, 1037450, 1022074 5 Thursday
1018178, 1017916, 1037071 6 Thursday
1016180, 1032756, 1016807 7 Thursday
1018236, 5620, 1016196 8 Thursday
1036590, 1036588, 1036577 9 Thursday
1016809, 1036592, 1036903 10 Thursday



Experiment Wednesday Thursday
1 11.04.2018 12.04.2018
2 18.04.2018 19.04.2018
3 25.04.2018 26.04.2018
4 02.05.2018 03.05.2018
5 16.05.2018 17.05.2018
6 23.05.2018 24.05.2018
7 30.06.2018 31.05.2018
8 06.06.2018 07.06.2018
9 13.06.2018 14.06.2018


Website News

14.08.2018: New section about our SONAR "sisters" added.

18.07.2018: New section about our Parkinson voice training game added.

07.07.2018: New lecture Fundamentals of Acoustics by Jan Abshagen added.

03.03.2018: Team wall added.

28.02.2018: News wall added.

Recent Publications

T. O. Wisch, T. Kaak, A. Namenas, G. Schmidt: Spracherkennung in stark gestörten Unterwasserumgebungen, Proc. DAGA, Germany, 2018

J. Sautter, F. Faubel, M. Buck, G. Schmidt: Evaluation of Different Excitation Generation Algorithms for Artificial Bandwidth Extension, Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing, 2018, Ulm, Germany (online access)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmidt


Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Faculty of Engineering
Institute for Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering
Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

Kaiserstr. 2
24143 Kiel, Germany

Recent News

Summer Event 2018

Last Friday we clebrated our yearly summer event in combinantion with the summer meeting of the Gesellschaft für angewandte Signalverarbeitung e.V. First, the year was reviewed from the perspective of the professors (talk from Gerhard Schmidt), the Ph.D. students (talk from Finn Spitz), and the bachelor and master students (talk from Jonas Weiss and Alexander Wilbrandt). Afterwards Eric ...

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