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Lab "Advanced Topics"


Basic Information

Lab overview  
  Lecturers:   Gerhard Schmidt and group  
  Room:   -  
  Language:   English  
  Target group:   Students in electrical engineering and computer engineering  
  Prerequisites:   For the projects carried out by our group, fundamental knowledge of systems theory and digital signal processing.  
  Registration procedure:   This lab is organized by the ICT group. Please check their website for further registration information.  
  Time:   This lab is organized by the ICT group. Please check their website for further time information.  


The topics offered by our group are:

Topic 1: Solution of the Inverse Problem using Beamforming (M. Sc. Nawar Habboush)  
Magnetocardiography (MCG) is a non-invasive technique that use a group of SQUID sensors (typically 64 sensors) to measure the propagated magnetic field from the heart at the torso surface, it interesting though to find out the source of this magnetic field inside the heart. Therefore, we use the inverse problem methods to estimate the location, orientation and strength of the source signal at the source domain, in this case, the heart. The inverse problem methods are algorithms that use the sensors measured signal as an input and calculate the estimated heart activity as an output.


The aim of this project is to implement the beamforming method as an inverse problem solution using MATLAB and then compare the result with other methods that are already implemented. The students will also need to do a small literature research at the beginning. This project work will take place at university hospital complex in Kiel (UKSH).



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