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Bitrate Detection for the AMR-WB Codec


The following speech samples are provided to illustrate speech coding effects of the AMR-WB codec at different bitrates.  For the single coded examples, the original speech signal was simply coded and decoded at the specified bitrate. For the tandem coded examples, the single coded signals were subject to a consecutive stage of coding and decoding.


Examples - Single coded


Bitrate   Male   Female
6.60 kbit/s  
12.65 kbit/s  
23.85 kbit/s  


Examples - Tandem coded


Bitrate   Male   Female
6.60 kbit/s, 6.60 kbit/s  
6.60 kbit/s, 12.65 kbit/s  
12.65 kbit/s, 12.65 kbit/s