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Download of the SUMS Corpus


Please feel free to download the SUMS corpus. If you want to give some reference to the origin of the corpus please cite the paper listed below.

In addition, it would be great if you let us know about your application or research and maybe you have some ideas for further extension of the corpus. In this case please contact Gerhard Schmidt.


Available Corpus Versions

Date SUMS release version Size Download
11.07.2019 1.0 160 MByte


Corresponding Publications


C. Marquard, C. Baasch, M. Brodersen, O. Niebuhr, and G. Schmidt: Speech, Think, Act: A Phonetic Analysis of the Combinatorial Effects of Respiratory Mask, Physical and Cognitive Stress on Phonation and Articulation, Proc. DAGA, Kiel, Germany, 2017