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The ANIR Corpus - State of the Corpus


Here you can get an overview about the current state of the corpus. In the summary below all vehicles, in which measurements took place, are shown with tables giving information on what noise recordings and impulse responses are currently availably for that vehicle. At the moment only measurements from a Daimler V Class are available, but in the future other cars will be added to the corpus. In total, more than 1000 noise files and more than 600 impulse responses are currently available.

Below tables for the noise recordings summarize which noise conditions exist for a vehicle. For, e.g., the Daimler V Class noise conditions span a speed range of 0-200 km/h in combination with the fan speeds 1,4, and 7. All available combinations are listed and are assigned a condition number. Additionally, information on the number of channels/microphones, the number of files and recording sessions is given. Where applicable, remarks regarding special events or occurences are given as well.

The tables for the impulse responses give information on the total number of impulse responses. The tables are designed as matrices. They show all loudspeaker and microphone types of the vehicle and how many impulse responses are available for the pairings of loudspeaker and microphones types.

You can find more details and the results of the measurements in the sections "Background Noise" and "Impulse Responses". If you would like to know the exact numbers and positions of the microphones and loudspeakers, take a look at the sections "Microphones" and "Loudspeakers", respectively. All impulse responses and background noises can be downloaded here as fir files and wav files, respectively. On the same page you will also find example code to read the fir files with either Matlab or Python.