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The ANIR Corpus - Microphones


A large number of microphones are placed in the measuring vehicles. These are, on the one hand, standard microphones which are meant to be used by a communication system and, on the other hand, the microphones of the head and torso simulators (HATS). The HATS meet the criteria defined in ITU-T Rec. P.58. Special binaural headsets to record aurally accurate signals (e.g. Head acoustics BHS II with SQuadriga III) may be used in addition.

All microphones are calibrated to the same target value. Calibration is performed using a 1 kHz calibrator such that 114 dBSPL at the microphones corresponds to an unweighted digital power level of -10 dB. A digital power level of -10 dB may be interpreted as -10 dBov if the allowed value range of the signals is [-1,+1].

To give a rough location of a microphone, the zone convention from ITU-T Rec. P.1150 is used. According to this convention, each seat in the vehicle is assigned a zone number, starting with the driver's seat as zone one. Zone numbers are incremented by moving through a row from left to right before moving from the front of the vehicle to its back. A graphical overview of the zones in a vehicle is inlcuded in the vehicle-specific information below.

Vehicle-specific Information

The following will give a desription of the microphones in each vehicle. For graphical overviews of the microphone locations in the vehicles, please refer to the bottom of the page