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The ANIR Corpus


The "ANIR" (Automotive Noise and Impulse Responses) corpus allows simulating a realistic vehicle environment. With this data it is possible to test and develop an in-car-communication (ICC) system without having an equipped car. For this, background noise was recorded in different situations in a Daimler V Class. Furthermore, impulse responses were measured from different sources to different sinks. Thereby, sources are mouth and car loudspeakers and sinks are ear und in-car microphones.

Three artificial heads with binaural recording systems were used. They were placed on different seats in the car to get all necessary information. In the other seats, puppets equipped with headphones which includes also microphones took their places. The measurement is according to the standard.

In the future, the corpus will be enlarged with measurements from other cars.


Key Features

The measurements took place in a Daimler V Class. Other cars will be added to this corpus in the future. There were several background noises recorded in eighteen different situations. The speed of the car varied between 0 and 100 km/h and the level of the air condition was optionally 1, 4 or 7. For the measurements 31 microphones and 22 loudspeakers were used. Thereby, 19 were standard car microphones, 12 ear microphones, 12 headrest loudspeakers, 6 mouth loudspeakers and 4 standard loudspeakers. Furthermore, the impulse responses from every loudspeaker to every microphone were measured.


State of the Corpus

For the measurements in the Daimler V Class 31 microphones and 22 loudspeakers were used. Until now the corpus embraces over 600 impulse responses and over 500 background noises. You can find the current state of the corpus here.



Here you can download the background noises and the impulse responses as a zip folder. We have organized the files in different groups. So, you can choose whether you want to download all files or only those of a specific car. Besides, you can use the example code for Matlab and Python to read the impulse responses.



Background Noise - Standard Car Microphone 0

Play (normalized) sound  


Impulse Responses - Left headrest Loudspeaker of Zone 1 (Lsp. 0) to Standard Car Microphone 0 (Mic. 0)


Creators of the Data Base

The data base was created as a joint work between Kiel University (CAU). Involved researchers are:

  • Marco Gimm (CAU)
  • Tobias Hübschen (CAU)
  • Anton Namenas (CAU)
  • Gerhard Schmidt (CAU)


Corresponding Publications

No publications yet.