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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 15:00

Adaptive Noise Cancellers: Challenges, Solutions, and Successful Applications of a Classical Technique

Talker Dr. Akihiko (Ken) Sugiyama
Date 06.12.2016
Time 15:00 h
Place Aquarium, Building D, Faculty of Engineering,
Kaiserstr. 2., 24143 Kiel



This lecture presents A to Z of adaptive noise cancellers (ANCs) which was originally proposed by Widrow et al. in 1975. It has an inherent challenge that is interference by the target signal. Solutions to this problem are explained from a primitive one to the most sophisticated one. A common idea among those solutions is to control a coefficient-adaptation stepsize based on an estimated signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the primary input. Other techniques include design of SNR-stepsize conversion function, use of a relative coefficient magnitude normalized by the reference signal power for stepsize control, and conditional cancellation. A carefully designed adaptive stepsize provides robustness to interference by the target signal. Conditional cancellation guarantees that the noise signal power is reduced by noise-replica subtraction. Two applications, namely, robot audition and dual-microphone signal enhancement in mobile phone handsets, are presented with video and sound demonstrations.


Short biography

Akihiko Sugiyama (a.k.a. Ken Sugiyama), affiliated with NEC Data Science Research Labs., has been engaged in a wide variety of research projects in signal processing such as audio coding and interference/noise control. His team developed the world's first Silicon Audio in 1994, the ancestor of iPod. He served as Chair of Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Tech. Committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) [2011-2012], as associate editors for several jour-nals such as IEEE Trans. SP [1994-1996], as the Secretary and a Member at Large to the Con-ference Board of SPS [2010-2011], as a member of the Awards Board of SPS [2015], and as the Chair of Japan Chapter of SPS [2010-2011]. He was a Technical Program Chair for ICASSP2012. He has contributed to 16 chapters of books and is the inventor of over 150 registered patents with more pending applications in the field of signal processing in Japan and overseas. He received 13 awards such as the 2002 IEICE Best Paper Award, the 2006 IEICE Achievement Award, and the 2013 Ichimura Industry Award. He is Fellow of IEEE and IEICE, and a Distinguished Lecturer in 2014 and 2015 for IEEE SPS. He is also known as a big host for a total of over 70 internship students.

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