Lecture "Medical Signal Processing"

Basic Information

Lecturers:   Muthuraman Muthuraman (lecture and exercise)
Room:   XX
Language:   English
Target group:   Students in digital communications, electrical engineering, and computer engineering
Prerequisites:   Basics in signals and systems

The course will introduce and explain the theory of different frequency-domain analysis in application to medical data. An in-depth introduction of the different medical data (e.g. EEG, MEG, and MRI) will be provided. The different quantities which can be measured from a time series in the frequency domain will be explained. This will be followed by the different estimation approaches of the quantities power, coherence, phase and delay. The last part of the lecture will intensively deal with the source analysis in the frequency domain. The exercises consist of student presentations. Students have to give presentations at the end of the lecture about the topics in frequency domain analysis application to medical data. Details will be given in the lecture.

Topic overview:

  • Introduction to medical data
    • Brain signals - EEG/MEG
    • Muscle signals - EMG
    • Magnetic resonance imaging - MRI
    • Tremor disorders
  • Quantities measured from time series in frequency domain
    • Power spectrum
    • Modeling time series using AR2 processes
    • Coherence spectrum
    • Phase spectrum
    • Delay
  • Source analysis
    • Forward problem
    • Inverse problem
    • Different solutions



Below you can find the schedule of the lecture and exercises of the blockcourse.

Date   Room   Time   Topic
01.08.2016   C-SR-II   09:00 h - 12:15   Lecture 1  
01.08.2016   C-SR-II   13:15 h - 16:30   Lecture 2  
02.08.2016   C-SR-II   09:00 h - 12:15   Lecture 3  
02.08.2016   C-SR-II   13:15 h - 16:30   Lecture 4  
03.08.2016   C-SR-II   09:00 h - 12:15   Lecture 5  
03.08.2016   C-SR-II   13:15 h - 16:30   Lecture 6  
04.08.2016   C-SR-II   09:00 h - 12:15   Exercise 1  
04.08.2016   C-SR-II   13:15 h - 16:30   Exercise 2  
05.08.2016   C-SR-II   09:00 h - 12:15   Exercise 3  
05.08.2016   C-SR-II   13:15 h - 16:30   Exercise 4  



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Lecture slides

  Slides of the lecture "EEG and MEG"
  Slides of the lecture "MRI"
  Slides of the lecture "Power"
  Slides of the lecture "Coherence"
  Slides of the lecture "Phase and Delay"
  Slides of the lecture "Introduction to Source Analysis"
  Slides of the lecture "Finite Element Methods"
  Slides of the lecture "Dynamic Imaging of Coherent Sources"
  Slides of the lecture "Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA)"
  Slides of the lecture "Hands-on Session"
  Slides of the lecture "Schedule"


Template for Talks

  Template for Talks



At the end of the semester, each student will give a talk about a certain topic. The aim is both to give you the chance to work on an adaptive filter-related topic that interests you, and to improve your presentational skills. The talks should take ten minutes, plus 2.5 minutes of discussion and 2.5 minutes of feedback.

Below you can find the schedule of the talks.

Date   Room   Time   Topic   Presenter(s)
24.06.2016   C-SR-II   08:15 h   Opening   Dr.-Ing. Muthuraman Muthuraman
24.06.2016   C-SR-II   08:20 h   Topic 2   Person 2a,
24.06.2016   C-SR-II   08:45 h   Topic 3   Person 3
24.06.2016   C-SR-II   08:45 h   Topic 4   Person 4



Below is the list of students with their exam dates. If you do not have a date for the exam yet please write an e-mail with your matriculation number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a date.

Date   Time   Students (matriculation numbers)   Assessor
04.08.2016   08:00 h   xxxxxxx, yyyyyyy   Christin Baasch


Website News

27.01.2020: Contributions on nerve signal modeling and magnetic muscle measurement by OPMs availaible on IEEE (early access).

27.01.2020: Talk about magnetic shielding by Allard Schnabel (PTB, Berlin) takes place on Feb 13, 2020, 17 h, Room: C-SR 1.

26.01.2020: Some reflections on the year 2019 are online now.

17.12.2019: Journal paper on signal processing for breathing protection masks published.

23.11.2019: GaS price 2019 for Jannek Winter for an excellent bachelor topic on underwater communication systems.

15.11.2019: Our new MIMO-SONAR system (sponsored by DFG) is now ready for "take off".

20.10.2019: We had a very good retreat on the island of Sylt.

07.08.2019: Talk from Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave added.

11.07.2019: First free KiRAT version released - a game for Parkinson patients


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