Bachelor Master Remarks
Adaptive Filters
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Advanced Signals and Systems
(Gerhard Schmidt)
    Only for DC students
Digital Audio Effects
(Klaus Linhard)
    Block course
Digital Signal Processing
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Fundamentals of Acoustics
(Jan Abshagen)
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Signals and Systems I
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Signals and Systems II
(Gerhard Schmidt)


Website News

27.01.2020: Contributions on nerve signal modeling and magnetic muscle measurement by OPMs availaible on IEEE (early access).

27.01.2020: Talk about magnetic shielding by Allard Schnabel (PTB, Berlin) takes place on Feb 13, 2020, 17 h, Room: C-SR 1.

26.01.2020: Some reflections on the year 2019 are online now.

17.12.2019: Journal paper on signal processing for breathing protection masks published.

23.11.2019: GaS price 2019 for Jannek Winter for an excellent bachelor topic on underwater communication systems.

15.11.2019: Our new MIMO-SONAR system (sponsored by DFG) is now ready for "take off".

20.10.2019: We had a very good retreat on the island of Sylt.

07.08.2019: Talk from Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave added.

11.07.2019: First free KiRAT version released - a game for Parkinson patients


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmidt

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Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

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