On January 13, 2017 the Petersen Prices for the best technical bachelor and master theses in Northern Germany were distributed. The Petersen prices are the most distinguieshed prices for bachelor and master theses in Germany. This year we are very proud that two of our students obtained first prices in both categories.

Christin Bald obtained the first price in the category "Bachelor". She worked on improving magnetoelectric sensor systems by means of adaptive noise canellation approaches. Jens Reermann supervised her work.

Thorben Kaak wins the first price in the category "Master". He implemented a realtime MIMO SONAR system with special features. In contrast to conventional approaches all the projectors (the sending hydrophones) emit orthogonal signals which allows to do the send beamforming after receiving the signals. Tim Claussen supervised the work of Thorben Kaak.

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20.10.2019: We had a very good retreat on the island of Sylt.

07.08.2019: Talk from Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave added.

11.07.2019: First free KiRAT version released - a game for Parkinson patients

25.06.2019: About 30 pupils from the Isarnwohld-Schule in Gettorf visited us.

02.05.2019: Christin Baasch finished sucessfully her defense on the evaluation of Parkinson speech.

30.11.2018: New student project on driver distraction added.

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J. Reermann, E. Elzenheimer and G. Schmidt: Real-time Biomagnetic Signal Processing for Uncooled Magnetometers in Cardiology, IEEE Sensors Journal, Volume 15, Number 10, Pages 4237-4249, June 2019, doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2019.2893236


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