Complex Magnitude Approximations


In this section we will discuss how ....



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Basic Idea of RED

RED (robust and efficient DSP) is a collection of algorithms that should help engineers to implement basic signal processign tasks in - as the name states - a robust and efficient way. This includes mainly numerical aspects.



Here you can find the chapter on complex magnitude approximations as a single pdf file. If you would like to dwnload all chapters please go to the RED overview page and get the pdf document that contain all chapters from there.


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On Friday, 21st of June, Jens Reermann defended his research on signals processing for magnetoelectric sensor systems very successfully. After 90 minutes of talk and question time he finished his PhD with distinction. Congratulations, Jens, from the entire DSS team.

Jens worked for about three and a half years - as part of the collaborative research center (SFB) 1261 - on all kinds of signal ...

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